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a little about me

My life is slowly turning into a never ending road trip. At first, the destinations were clear: graduate high school, go to college, find a job, get married, have kids, etc. I packed the essentials and grabbed a map; but, even with all the preparation, the minute I got on the road I found the map unclear and I wasn't nearly as prepared as I thought. 

Instead of turning around and finding the real map, I decided to just keeping driving forward. I got lost, I found new places, I met people I never would've thought of meeting. Leaving my map behind, I was finally able to figure out exactly where I wanted to go.

So far in my decades on this Earth, I've studied Creative Writing with two minors in Literature and Professional Writing at Ball State University. I dug into my interests of design and copy editing as the Design Editor and Assistant Copy Editor at the Ball State Daily News and then I perfected the DQ Curl while working at Dairy Queen for two years. Finally I stumbled onto this small business in Indianapolis with some pretty powerful partners and I decided to add marketing to my list of talents. After two years in the Indianapolis office, I ran one of the Detroit offices for another year and a half. When the COVID pandemic hit, I switched to an HR role.

I've lived in Chicago, Indianapolis, Muncie, IN., & Detroit. My dog, Gavin, and my kitten, Rhue, are my muses. I've been to more concerts than I can ever count. My left ear is disfigured because of an unfortunate piercing incident and my mother gets mad at me for every tattoo I get. I have friends all over the country and I hope to build my own library some day.

These stories and photos are my unintended pit stops. Every person that's helped put gas in my car or point me the right way, every pretty bookstore that's made me smile and the pages of those books filled with all those stories, every tear I've shed over a guy: these points are on the map I'm creating. Thank you for joining me for the ride.

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